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The Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club is happy to announce that we are now offering online Membership's and Renewals.  New memberships are also available at The Old Fishing Hole Gun Shop in Morrisville.  Please note renewals are not immediate, please wait for email confirmation before using the card.  Please follow the link on our home page.


This a reminder to all members new and old.

Your membership is for you, your spouse and minor children only. You are allowed just one guest. What that means; if your guest enjoys using the club, they need to purchase their own membership.  Do not lend your friends your gate card, or let non members in the gate.  We are monitoring the gate, and members who are found to be in violation will have their memberships terminated.


Minors must be

accompanied by a member in good standing. Any unaccompanied minor found in violation of this policy will result in termination of parents membership.


We have taken many steps to make it as easy as possible to join the club. Memberships are available online and in-person at the Old Fishing Hole in Morrisville. So there are no

excuses for someone not joining and becoming a member in good standing. It is every member's duty to be good stewards of the club. It is a valuable resource that we all need to protect. Please encourage your guests to become members.


Our club is solely funded by dues. As most of you know we have not been able to host our annual gun show for the last two years. Our gun show allowed us to fund extra projects such as the Family Day, Fishing Derby, scholarships for youth conservation camps, and lobbying efforts to support our hunting, fishing and 2nd amendment rights. The club has no paid staff, all Officers, Board Members and Committee Heads are volunteers. These members donate their time to host Archery, Skeet, Muzzleloader, GMPS, Fishing Derby, etc. These volunteer hours allow us to keep our dues affordable for members. So if you have time to volunteer please come to one of our monthly meetings, it would be greatly appreciated. Please follow the simple rules set forth by the club to ensure everyone’s safety. Our Club is a precious resource that has

been handed down for generations before us, It is up to us (members) to pass it along to future generations.

Thank you,

Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club Board of Directors