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There's Always More for You to Do at Our Club.

We're Vermont's largest four-season outdoor shooting range and woodland sporting club. Open for members every day until dusk, all year round.


7:30am – 7:00pm

Range activities include

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Bullet Points

Club News & Events

Cowboy Action Shooting Returns

Weekend of June 22 – 23

Cowboy action shooters

The Verdant Mountain Vigilantes are back to kick off the 2024 Cowboy Action Shooting season. It's one of the fastest growing family oriented shooting sports in the country. 

Cowboy Action Shooting recreates the traditions of the Old West. Firearms used are antique-patterned guns of the 1800s and many of the participants dress in period attire too. Shooters then work through various stages on the range that are each based on a unique Western scenario.

Everyone is welcome to shoot or to observe. The clubhouse opens at 8:00 am on both days for registration and a safety briefing follows at 9:00. Then from there, the shooting begins.

So saddle up and ride over to the range to join us for some authentic Cowboy Action Shooting!

(BIG!) Fun Shoot 2024

Thursday thru Sunday

June 27 – 30

2024 Fun Shoot and Awards.png

It's almost here! Fun Shoot 2024. Four days of just about everything!


  • Black powder muzzleloading

  • Axe and knife throwing

  • Archery, 3-D and target

  • Contests

  • Awards & Prizes

  • Camping

  • Food and Music and more


New this year will be a Blue versus Gray black powder shoot on Saturday morning. Blue and Gray teams fire at "enemy" targets of the opposite color; victors win a free aggregate entry. And that's just a taste of one of the many varied events of the weekend.


For food, there'll be a grill fired up for lunch as well as a pot luck supper in the clubhouse on Saturday night. And if you play an instrument, be sure bring it and join in around the campfire. 


Read about all the other types of contests, targets and rules in event organizer Harland's downloadable Info Sheet


And come down for Fun Shoot 2024. Gates will open one day early at noon on Wednesday for campers. There’s sure to be something for everyone!

Pizza and Club Meeting
Thursday, June 27, 6pm

All Members Welcome

Fancy Pizza.jpg

Join us at the clubhouse to stay informed on all goings on with the range, our state and our favorite activities. 


Pizza (almost as fancy as the pie shown above) will be served at 6:00pm. The club meeting follows at 6:30. And we always welcome your participation.

Summer Skeet is Open to the Public Sundays & Tuesdays at 2pm

With Our New Skeet Card, Your Sixth Round is Free!

Shooting skeet and skeet card

Have more fun. Your last round is on us.

Our Summer Skeet Shotgun Program is in full swing at the Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club. Join us and break some clays every Sunday and Tuesday at 2pm.

It's easy. Club membership is not required. Loaner shotguns and safety gear can be provided. And ammo if you need it is available too. 


But here's the best part. Our new Skeet Card for $30 gives you six rounds of shooting for the price of only five! Individual rounds are $6.


New to skeet or maybe just a bit rusty? Call ahead for an intro. Contact Mike at 802-793-5745 or Keith at 802-730-9340 for more infomation.


Skeet is really fun—give it a shot!

Muzzleloader Chair Harland Has Even More Events Planned for 2024

LVFGC Black Powder Events

Click to download the flyer above and see what's in store for muzzleloader shooters at the range this season. You can also Email or call Harland for more information.


Meanwhile, be sure to stock up on powder, patches and bullets—you're going to be doing a lot of black powder shooting this summer!

Lamoille Women's Shooting Group

Women Teaching Women the Skills to Shoot Safely and Confidently

Gallery - Click to enlarge

Ladies, are you looking to learn about firearms?

Maybe brushing up on your skills?

Thinking about self-defense?

Wondering where to start?


Then take a look at the Lamoille Women's Shooting Group. 


We offer a welcoming and non-intimidating place to learn about a wide variety of topics related to the safe and responsible use of firearms. 


Our group meets monthly here at the Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club April through November and at other nearby indoor locations January through March for non-shooting self defense topics.


Meetings are open to women of all skill levels. There’s always something for everyone.  


Contact us for more information.

Chip Chaffee, Top Skeet Shooter


Congratulations to Chip Chaffee as Top Skeet Shooter of the 2023 season at the Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club. 


To win his title, Chip shot three perfect rounds breaking all 25 clays as well as numerous additional rounds where he hit 24 of 25. 


And now there's the range's New Winter Skeet Program for Chip to continue honing his skills. We have no doubt that he's going to be doing exactly that.


Great shooting Chip and best of luck in the new season!


Proposed Legislation Could Spell The Beginning of the End of Outdoor Sporting As We Know It in Vermont

Woman hunter with shotgun

Photo credit flickr

The State House is hard at work on S.258, “An act relating to the management of fish and wildlife.”

The measure seeks in part to include advisory board members who do not hunt, do not fish and do not trap as part of the rule making process within the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife. 


Learn more in this article by Guy Page published in the Vermont Daily Chronicle. 


And be sure to contact your legislators to let them know what you think about S.258.


President's Day 2024

Presidents Day 2024

President's Day is a time to reflect on the importance of keeping true to the Constitution as George Washington himself once advised.


Note how our first President spoke of setting aside his own predilections—his personal biases—and rigorously held to the Constitution as his guide instead.


And now the Vermont Federation of Sportsman’s Clubs is working diligently to remind our present day legislators to do exactly the same.


Read more of what the Federation is doing and consider what you can do too. It’s just as important for us now as it was for George Washington.


2024 7th Annual Primitive Biathlon, Largest Yet, First Place Finishers Announced

Primitive biathlon contestant in kilt with flintlock rifle

Black powder shooting enthusiasts showcased their muzzleloading skills at our 7th Annual Primitive Biathlon on the weekend of January 27th and 28th. The weather was perfect with temps in the 30s and good snow coverage. It was our biggest biathlon event yet with 71 entries from Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Canada.


Participants on snowshoes traversed a two-mile biathlon trail targeting four shooting stations running through varied woodland terrain. A rustic campfire canteen halfway along the trail served breakfast, lunch and refreshments. In keeping with the spirit of the primitive event, most participants wore traditional garb as well.


There was something for everyone in categories including Men, Women, Senior (70+), Junior (16 and under), Modern (inline), Woods Walkers (not timed), Pistol and Smoothbore firearms. Everyone had a great time thanks to the 30 volunteers committed to making the 2024 Primitive Biathlon a huge success. 


Congratulations to the medalists! Plaques will be awarded to the following first place finishers in each category:


Men, Rollo MacWilliams

Women, Danielle Rougeau

Senior (70+), Eric Piccioni

Junior (16 and under), Owen MacWilliams

Pistol, Brian Rowell

Smoothbore, Brian Rowell

Woods Walker, Eric Piccioni

Modern (Inline), no entrants


Click here to see all scoring data.


And be sure to join us again in 2025 for our next Primitive Biathlon event!

VT Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs Sues State of VT in Federal Court to Restore Gun Rights, You Too Can Help

Uncle Sam

Liberty. It's up to all of us.​

On December 15, 2023, the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs filed a lawsuit in Federal Court challenging two unconstitutional Vermont gun laws. 


One law forces Vermonters to wait 72 hours before buying a firearm. The other law bans Vermonters from buying standard capacity firearm magazines just like those already in common use here and across our nation.


Also, the Vermont Federation has filed an injunction in Federal Court to stop the state from enforcing these unconstitutional laws.


Support for the Federation's work has been provided by donations from everyday sportsmen and sportswomen plus firearm dealers and sporting organizations throughout Vermont. 


And our own Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club has proudly contributed significantly as well.


The Federation asks you too to join in their mission. Donations can be made directly using this link to the Vermont Federation. Mail-in contributions may be addressed to VTFSC Defense Fund, 14 Stafford Ave., Morrisville, VT 05661-8514.


For questions concerning this filing, contact Federation President Chris Bradley at

Important Safety Reminder

No Shooting After Dark


Shooting after dark is hazardous. And shooting after dark has always been strictly prohibited at the Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club. 


So we ask all our members to be sure to plan their range visits for daylight hours only. We're counting on you to be safe and to set a good example for the shooting community.

Thank you.

Sign Up for Hunter Education & Additional Outdoors Programs


There's a lifetime of adventure to be found in the woods of Vermont and The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department offers a variety of free programs for the public to learn about the great outdoors. 


Hunter Education Classes prepare you for your first hunting license. Look on the Department's website to find a certified class near you.

Additional outdoors programs including fishing, bowhunting, trapping, wildlife seminars and more are available too. See them here.

And we'll see you outdoors.


Youth Skeet Program Concludes with Youths vs. Parents Match

Youth Shotgun Program 2023.jpg

The Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club's popular Youth Shotgun Program finished its 2023 season with a fun skeet match pitting youths against their parents. The contest ended in a draw; a tie breaking shoot-off then gave the parents a plus one advantage to take the win.


Everyone had a great time learning the skill of shotgun shooting and the club is looking forward to holding another youth skeet program in May 2024.


As always, we welcome your feedback and ideas for future events. Contact Chief Trainer Keith Ulrich at 802-730-9340 with your comments. Thanks and we'll look forward to seeing you at the range!

Summer of 2023 was Unusually Wet...

Rusted Gun.jpg

...and moisture and guns can make for a really nasty, rusty surprise. So, don't forget to check your firearms for corrosion now that the humid summer weather is behind us.


If you do find some light rust, typically a bit of elbow grease along with some #0000 steel wool or a brass brush and some gun solvent will usually do the trick. Follow that up with a good cleaning and a coat of gun oil and you'll be all set.


Then it's always a good practice to check your firearms every few months. Give them a wipe down with fresh oil even if they haven't been used to help keep the rust at bay.


After all, who wouldn't want to have a sharp-looking gun when they go to the range, right?

2023 Vermont Muzzleloading


Final Scores Posted

VT Muzzleloading Championship firing line

It was a fun and busy weekend for black powder enthusiasts. Muzzleloader shooters of all levels gathered to test their shooting skills on a wide variety of guns including percussion, flintlock, smoothbore, inline, pistol and cartridge firearms. 


Take a look at the top scores.


There was lots to eat as well with two huge cowboy cookout lunches and a big potluck supper on Saturday night. 


And in the evenings, knife and hawk throwers sharpened their skills on a 19-station throwing course with four moving targets.


So be sure to join us again next year on Labor Day weekend for the 2024 Vermont State Muzzleloading Championships.


Trouble With the Gate?
Don't Try This

Broken Security Gate.png

Please note that the security gate at the range entrance always locks in the down position. Attempting to lift it manually will only break it off.


The surveillance video frame pictured above shows exactly how this can happen.


So if you do experience a problem with the gate, always call 802-371-7280 for assistance. Thank you.

VT Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs Legislative Resources

Vermont State House.jpg

One of the primary missions of the Vermont Federation of Sportsman's Clubs is working  with the State Legislature to protect our rights to hunt, fish, trap and own firearms.


The Federation's website has a wealth of information including fact sheets for gun owners as well as a listing of new legislation being monitored.


And if you see something that makes you think you'd like to make a statement, the Federation has a convenient online tool for you to take action and make your views known in the State House.

2023 Sixth Annual Primitive Biathlon

Recap, Photos and Top Scores

Shooting a flintlock

On the snowy weekend of January 28-29, black powder enthusiasts gathered at our club to test their muzzleloading shooting skills at our sixth annual Primitive Biathlon.


See the recap to learn more about this traditional event.

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