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LVFGC’s Next Monthly Meeting is February 27th at the Charlemont Restaurant in Morrisville.  Dinner at 6:00pm meeting to start at 6:30.  Dinner is $18 per person.


Our new gate is now operational.   Please remember to bring your pass card with you to the range from now on.   You need the card to lift the gate.  When you leave a vehicle sensor will  lift the gate for your exit.

Any problems with your card, please contact Andrew Churchill at :
Andrew Churchill Membership Chair memberships.lvfgc@gmail.co


Welcome to LVF&G Club!  

As a service to you, the Club now offers an orientation to better insure your time here is both safe and enjoyable! 

Members can learn 5 things about the range in 60 minutes or less: 

  • Tour 

  • Range Rules and Etiquette 

  • Firearm Safety 

  • What to Expect 

  • Shooting Opportunities for You and Your Family 


To schedule, please call or text Keith Ulrich at 802 730 9340.  


 LVFGC’s Winter Skeet Program is up and running. 
Come join us each Sunday, 12:00-4:00pm.

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