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Muzzleloader Events and Information

Biathlon Rules

Annual Primitive Biathlon


Every year during a cold winter weekend in January, the Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club is host to a Primitive Biathlon challenging the skills of traditional muzzleloader shooters from New England and afar. 


On snowshoes, participants test their marksmanship skills shooting targets along a scenic two-mile woodland trail in the spirit of the original Smugglers Notch event of years ago.

Scoring is based on marksmanship as well as overall time to traverse the course. Awards are given in the categories of Men, Ladies, Elder (60+), Senior (70+), Junior (16 and under) Inline, Woods Walkers (not timed), Pistol and Smoothbore firearms.

Afterwards, there are refreshments and hot coffee in the clubhouse as well as a big fire in the fireplace to warm up.


So, spread the word, bring your friends—or make some new ones—and join us for a fun, winter, black powder weekend!

If you have questions regarding this event, call Keith Ulrich at 802-730-9340.

Club Members are Needed to Volunteer


Two people are needed for each of the four stations to record competitor’s scores and tend the warming fires. If you are inexperienced with black powder, you will be paired with an experienced person.

Time commitments:

Saturday, 8am - 11am OR 11am – 2pm  

Sunday, 8am – 11am OR 11am – 1pm 

To volunteer, contact Keith Ulrich at or 802 730 9340 

Primitive Biathlon Rules

Universal Safety Rules

  • Always keep your muzzle in a safe direction

  • Always keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire

  • Always keep your firearm unloaded until ready to use


​Competition Rules

  • Instructions of event officials must be observed at all times

  • In the event of a question regarding rules, regulations or results, the decision of the organizers is final

  • Participants must always traverse the course with their firearm unloaded

  • Firearms shall only be loaded at shooting stations

  • Clearing of fouling shots shall only be done at shooting stations

  • Maintain safe muzzle control at all times

  • Slings may only be used for carrying your firearm

  • All shooting will be from a standing position

  • No ‘shooting sticks’ or other external stabilization aids are permitted

  • All participants must only follow the marked trail

  • Registered competitors ONLY are allowed on the course; other visitors must be approved by event organizers to enter the course

  • No time penalty for misfires

  • Period dress is encouraged but not required

  • Results will be emailed to competitors that provide their e-mail address


Medals will be awarded to Traditional Rifle and Pistol muzzleloaders observing the following


  • Single barrel traditional style muzzleloader rifles and handguns

  • Round ball ammunition requested

  • Please use reduced powder charges

  • Traverse the course with firearm unloaded

  • Traditional wooden snowshoes onlyBullet boards and paper cartridges are allowed


Medals will be awarded to Modern and/or In-Line muzzleloaders observing the following


  • Lead projectiles only

  • Use “target level” powder charges

  • Shoot green painted targets only

  • Traverse the course with firearm unloaded

  • Modern snowshoes allowed

The biathlon will be held regardless of weather; remember this is a primitive event. In the event that there is insufficient snow for snowshoes, please bring good walking boots. 

Annual Vermont Territorial Muzzleloader Competition

Join the Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club every May for the annual Vermont NMLRA Territorial Muzzleloader Competition.

With scoring classes for men, women, juniors and sub-juniors, this event is the perfect way for the whole family to burn some powder together and have some fun.


There are aggregates for:

  • Offhand

  • Flintlock

  • Bench

  • Musket

  • One Gun

  • Cross Stick

  • Ladies

  • Junior

  • Sub Junior

  • Pistol

  • Primitive Hawken, Free trapper and Rifle Frolic

  • Hunter’s

  • Sighted Smoothbore

  • Unlimited Longhunter

  • Smoothbore

  • Light Bench

  • Revolver

  • Inline Bench

The Territorial Muzzleloader shoot is a multi-day event held each spring in mid-May. The range opens for campers on Wednesday at noon. and the competition runs Thursday 9am-5pm through Sunday 9am-3pm.

For more information about this NMLRA affiliated event, call Harland Blodgett at 802-899-3889 email at

The Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club is a National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association Sponsored Charter Club.

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