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Protecting Freedom For All

Some Important Updates From the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs

by Chris Bradley, President

Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs

Fish & Wildlife Legislation


For all sports people S.258 is a bill of grave concern. This bill changes the structure and authority of the F&W Board and there is no justifiable reason for this. None.

It is the F&W Board that makes the hunting & fishing rules that manage all of Vermont's Game Species. All of Vermont's Game species are Abundant & Flourishing, and no one disputes that.

The fact that they ARE Abundant & Flourishing is Proof Positive that the F&W Board's oversight is beneficial to ALL Vermonters, even if you are a "non-consumptive user."

The Board make-up and authority serves Vermont Very Well:  Please use our Take Action page to contact your Senators and Reps to voice your concern on S.258 and ask that they call you back.

Or, call the Sergeant at Arms at 802-828-2228 and leave a message for your Senators and Reps to call you back. In fact, DO BOTH.

Abundant & Flourishing for the benefit of all.  We want to change that, WHY?  This is a bill to FIGHT!

Firearm Legislation


On the firearm front, S.209 (Ghost Gun Bill) is moving this next week starting Thursday, January 18, in Senate Judiciary. The VTFSC is currently scheduled to give testimony on Friday, January 19. This bill is currently hugely problematic and we cannot support it as written.

We have also become aware that H.561 (ban firearms from polling places, require lost or stolen guns to be reported) will also be moving but House Judiciary is otherwise occupied next week.

General News


Mark your calendars please for February 20, that's the date of the our Legislative Mixer at the Statehouse. Mingle with like minded folks, hear some updates from various groups, have some free finger food (there will be a cash bar) and in the process your presence will be noted. More to come on this...

Also: The VTFSC Banquet with our new Calcutta event is coming up in March on the 9th. Sign up for our newsletter; info will be up shortly!



Regarding our lawsuit, we have been assigned to US District Court (VT) Judge William K Sessions.  The State must still respond to our Complaint by the end of January, but there is some waffling being attempted with the date of response to the Preliminary Injunction.  Our team is all over it.

I remain confident that we will win both the Magazine Ban challenge as well as the Waiting Period challenge (despite Illinois which is just openly defiant to the U.S. Supreme Court's recent Bruen decision) as other things develop.

To fund that lawsuit beyond Vermont Federal Court and into and then possibly beyond the 2nd Circuit, we continue to seek funds to support this cause. 

Thank you to all who have given. We all however know of folks who have not and we are all in this together.


Donations can be made online though VTFSC's website. Click here. 


Donations can also be made through the mail by sending a check to: VTFSC Defense Fund, 14 Stafford Ave., Morrisville, VT 05661-8514.


Thank you for supporting the VTFSC in fighting for our Freedom and OUR Rights, and stay tuned for more updates.

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